Rocío Arroyo, new president of AseBio

Rocío Arroyo, CEO of Amadix, has been elected president of AseBio in the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly held this Tuesday, December 19, 2023. AseBio members have also elected the new vice-presidentsCarlos Buesa, CEO of Oryzon (First Vice-presidency); Cristina Nadal, Policy Executive Director of MSD Spain (Second Vice-presidency); and Adriana Casillas, CEO and co-founder of Tebrio (Third Vice-presidency). All of them are members of the AseBio Board of Directors, which gives them a deep understanding of the association and its strategic plan.

About AseBio

Making AseBio a connected community that promotes the exchange of knowledge among all its members is one of the main lines of action of its program. A mission aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of both the member entities and the association itself.

The general lines of its program focus on streamlining and improving patient access to medicinespromoting a Precision Medicine strategy, as well as addressing the new challenges posed by artificial intelligence.

An important part of the program pays attention to efforts to position the role of biotechnology in sustainable agriculture, in addition to achieving recognition for new types of nutrients and/or food supplements with better properties and more sustainable for the planet.

“It is an honor to be part of the AseBio presidency alongside three individuals and companies that are leaders in our Spanish biotechnological sector and globally. We aim to be a more connected community than ever before, delivering knowledge from everyone to the members who need it most. We know that the biotechnological industry has the potential to improve people’s lives and the planet’s sustainability, and we want to assist in any way we can to ensure our ecosystem continues to grow and transform our country together,” states the new president of AseBio, Rocío Arroyo.

The AseBio General Assembly has also elected eightboard members:
  • Elena Rivas (Arrays for Cell Nanodevices)
  • Isabel Portero (BIOHOPE)
  • Sara Secall (Inveready)
  • Bosco Emparanza (MOA Foodtech)
  • Elisa Borrego (Pharmamar)
  • Gurutz Linazasoro (VIVEbiotech)
  • Javier Terriente (Zeclinics)
  • Francesc Mitjans Prat (Leitat)

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