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Early cancer detection using cutting-edge liquid biopsy

Founded in 2010, Amadix is a leading molecular diagnostics company, focused on liquid biopsy, developing innovative diagnostic tests for early cancer detection in blood. Our mission is to extend people’s lives by developing disruptive technologies to detect the tumor many years before the symptoms appear.

The company’s products are oriented towards non-invasive early cancer detection, avoiding the complications of existing invasive procedures, such as tumor biopsies.

PreveCol®, our most advanced product, is an innovative blood-based test for colorectal cancer diagnosis. It is based on a unique combination of cutting-edge biomarkers and is used to identify healthy individuals from those who have a tumor or precancerous polyps, before the symptoms appear, more accurately than current alternatives. The Company’s test pipeline includes two blood-based tests for early detection of lung and pancreatic cancer.

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Detection of cancer before symptoms to extend people’s lives

The company’s strategy is the global commercialization of disruptive discoveries in cancer diagnostics, extending people’s lives, improving the survival of cancer patients and helping them to avoid unnecessary invasive procedures, while reducing healthcare costs. To this end, Amadix collaborates with research groups from around the world to identify and develop next-generation biomarkers for cancer diagnostics.

Amadix was the winning company of South Summit 2018 edition and was awarded a Quality Innovation Award in 2018 (QIA 2018 Awards, China) having been included in the European “Ones to Watch list”, which recognizes the most innovative companies.

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