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Innovation in early diagnosis of cancer


DiagnoLung® is a minimally invasive blood-based test for the early detection of lung cancer. Besides, it can be a screening tool for high risk population.

Under clinical validation


PreveCol® is an innovative blood-based test for the early detection of colorectal cancer and/or advanced adenomas. Based on a high-precision algorithm that combines biomarkers and an individual’s clinical characteristics.

Commercialized with CE marking

1st European company to announce obtaining FDA Breakthrough Device designation for early colorectal cancer detection


PancreaDix® is a solution for the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer (ductal adenocarcinoma and preneoplastic lesions) using a blood-based test.

Under clinical validation


Creating value for patients, physicians, and health authorities

Amadix develops and commercializes breakthrough discoveries in cancer diagnosis to improve the survival and quality of life of patients. This will benefit the company, society, and research as well as reduce costs for health authorities.



Top level management team with extensive experience in cancer diagnostics. Resilience, determination and positivity are common characteristics of our team. Meet us here.

Scientific Board

Scientific Board

We have established a Committee of Advisors with international profiles, and top-level scientists who advise the management team on strategy, business development and commercialization.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Top level executives with extensive experience in the healthcare and diagnostics industry, corporate finance, and business development. Protecting shareholder’s interests.



AMADIX has received different awards in recognition of the high scientific value and technological quality of its projects and its feasibility, recognizing, at the same time, the great effort undertaken by the team.


All about Cancer

Unmet Need

Current existing colorectal cancer screening methods, such as colonoscopy and fecal-based tests have limitations. Today, there is a significant clinical need that remains unmet for blood-based colorectal cancer screening that detects cancer early, accurately, and easily when it is in different stages. The solution developed by AMADIX –an innovative early colorectal cancer detection blood-based test– has high potential and has shown superior accuracy.

Exploring the Data

Amadix continues to go further, not only working at a molecular level but also exploring the infinite possibilities that clinical records and patient lifestyle data offer through the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Data Analytical Tools, in order to identify new risk factors to develop predictive models which will help us anticipate hidden and underlying cancer risk factors and help improve the quality of life and survival of cancer patients.

Personalized and precision medicine

Specific information about the patient’s tumor is used to improve a cancer diagnosis, plan a therapy, determine whether a treatment is suitable for that specific individual or not, and give a prognosis. In personalized medicine, specific biomarkers are used for identifying a given disease or disorder.


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