Personalized medicine

Personalized medicine

Personalized medicine, or precision medicine, is a healthcare approach in which a patient’s information, such as molecular information (genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, metabolomic, etc.), phenotypic characteristics, and health data are used to prevent, diagnose, or treat human disease, thereby resulting in improved health outcomes.

Personalized medicine represents an important improvement and evolution from traditional practices in healthcare because it is based on the needs of each individual patient. It has impacted the way in which healthcare is offered and administered to patients, incorporating more effective and safer diagnostic and treatment strategies, in addition to allowing disease sub-types to be identified.

Personalized medicine

Personalized medicine can be used in very different areas such as oncology, as well as in rare, hereditary, or immunological diseases, pathogen detection, neuroscience, and drug development, among others.

Revolution in oncology

In recent years, oncology is being revolutionized thanks to personalized medicine. Biotechnology solutions are now targeting the whole lifecycle of patients, from new screening/early detection and diagnostic solutions to new companion diagnosis and solutions, to help doctors select the most optimal therapy for patients, and also for patient follow-up and to evaluate minimal residual disease progression.

Personalized medicine

Early diagnosis improves cancer outcomes by providing care at the earliest possible stage and is therefore an important practice to establish to also improve Personalized Medicine.

Amadix personalized medicine

PreveCol® contributes to this personalized medicine revolution by offering a diagnostic test for early cancer detection that combines blood biomarker levels with patient clinical characteristics to diagnose colorectal cancer and/or advanced adenomas.

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