Amadix awarded “Best company”

Amadix awarded “Best company” in the first edition of the Onda Cero Valladolid Awards

Onda Cero Valladolid recognizes the commitment, dedication, and compromise of the society of Valladolid during the first ceremony of the awards in Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes (Valladolid), where Amadix, among other projects, was awarded.

Lucía Reinoso, CFO, collected the award to “Best company” on behalf of Amadix, sharing stage with other personalities such as Vicente Ballester, the voice of Onda Cero Valladolid for 25 years.

The awards covered up until nine categories giving credit to science and technology, health, social commitment, tourism, culture, environment, young values, and best company, given to Amadix. Not to forget the honorary award to Vicente Ballester.

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