Top level management team with extensive experience
in cancer diagnostics


Ms. Rocio Arroyo

Ms. Rocio Arroyo, PharmD, MBA – Chief Executive Officer –

rocioMs. Arroyo is an experienced and entrepreneurial executive with extensive pharmaceutical, biotechnology and health-sector knowledge expertise. She has more than 15 years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry. She held the position of General Manager in Bionostra Biotechnology Applications in the Oncology area, which commercialized diagnostic assays for different types of cancer.

She held a range of positions in Eli Lilly (2002-2009), in a variety of therapeutic areas from oncology and gynecology to urology and endocrinology.

With extensive pharmaceutical, biotechnology and health-sector knowledge, her expertise covers the full scope of the business starting as a researcher in Pharmacology, moving to sales and marketing operations, business development, fundraising and P&L optimization.

With a strategic vision oriented to maximize profitability in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, Rocio holds a BSc in Pharmacy from the Complutense University (Madrid, Spain) where she also completed graduate courses in Pharmacology, and an MBA from the IE Business School (Madrid, Spain).

She is a Board Member of different Business Schools and Universities.

Ms. Lucía Reinoso

Ms. Lucía Reinoso, BBA, BL, MBA – Chief Financial Officer –


Ms. Reinoso has over 15 years of experience in the Biotechnology industry. Before joining Amadix, she filled the positions of Financial Controller in Vivia Biotech, S.L, a biotech company focused on drug development and personalized medicine; Financial Analyst in Triple A Capital Partners, a firm specialized in Corporate Finance and Financial Controller at Genoma España, a biotechnology public foundation.

Ms. Reinoso has a Degree in Business Administration and a Law Degree from Comillas Pontifical University-ICADE (E-3) (Madrid, Spain). She also holds a MBA from the IE Business School (Madrid, Spain).

Ms. Noemí Hernández

Ms. Noemí Hernández, BBA, BL – Corporate Development Manager –

NoemiMs. Hernández has more than 15 years of extensive experience in multinational companies, leading Financial Control, IT and Purchasing Departments.

Throughout this period she has been responsible for several corporate projects aligning business processes and strategies based on reporting, BI and ERP within the different business units.

Noemí has a degree in Business Administration and a Law Degree from the University of Valladolid.

Ms. Pauline Dapena-Cherry

Ms. Pauline Dapena-Cherry, BBA, –Business Development Director –

PaulinaMs. Dapena-Cherry has over 10 years of international experience in Corporate Finance and Business Development, working in large multinational companies. Prior to working with Amadix, she was Director of Investments and Corporate Development while based in Medellin, Colombia and Project Manager for Groupe Casino’s Latin American business units while based in Paris, France. She started her career as a Risk Analyst for GE Capital in Madrid, Spain.

She has proven experience in strategic alliances, deal valuation, negotiation, business planning and financial modelling across Europe and Latin America, leading and supporting teams and projects.

Ms. Dapena-Cherry has a Degree in Business Administration from Comillas Pontificial Univeristy – ICADE (E-2), Madrid, Spain.

Ms. Cristina Delgado

Ms. Cristina Delgado – Administrative Manager –


Ms. Delgado has more than 12 years of experience in the Accounts Departments of domestic and international companies in different areas including Accounts Payable, Treasury, Tax and General ledger. Prior to joining Amadix Ms. Delgado was responsible for financial duties in companies including Michelin Services Ltd. (Manchester, United Kingdom) and Douglas Spain (Madrid, Spain).

Dra. Ana Carmen Martín

Dra. Ana Carmen Martín, PhD – Scientific Director –

ana carmen

Dra. Martín is a leading expert in genetic diagnostic mainly focused in human diagnosis, and within it in the oncology field.

She has more than 25 years of research experience in academia and biotechnology companies. She leads the Research and Development activities in Amadix. Prior to joining the company, Dra. Martín filled the position of Technical and Scientific Director of Bionostra Biotechnology Applications for 10 years, successfully building and leading a team of 12 scientists in a wide range of activities related to genetic diagnostics in different areas and working closely with the marketing and commercial department. She has experience in implementing ISO quality standards as well as securing laboratory accreditation for human testing. Before entering into biotech, Dra. Martín spent 8 years working in basic research at different laboratories. She completed her PhD degree with “Cum Laude” in 1996 in the Molecular Microbiology Department of the Biological Research Center (CIB) from CSIC (National Research Council, Madrid, Spain) and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Molecular Biology in Plants of Biotechnological National Center (CNB, Madrid, Spain) from CSIC for 3 years.

She is member of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM) and she is an active member of the Association of Professional Knowledge Transfer and Management of Research and Innovation (Redtransfer) belonging to the Executive Committee.

Ms. Rosa Pérez

Ms. Rosa Pérez Palacios, BSc – Scientific Project Leader –


Ms. Pérez has over 10 years of experience and expertise related to Oncology research. Prior to joining Amadix, she worked in a number of scientific research positions in Madrid (Spain) at the Spanish National Cardiovascular Research Centre (CNIC), the Spanish National Center for Biotechnolgy (CNB) and at Traslational Cancer Drugs Pharma, S.L., (TCD Pharma). Rosa holds a BSc in Biology from the Complutense University (Madrid, Spain), an Advanced Course in Biotechnology Companies and Project Management from the European University of Madrid (Madrid, Spain) and a postgraduate in Health Technology Assessment from the University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain).

Board of Directors

Mr. Pablo Cabello Albendea

Mr. Pablo Cabello Albendea, President & Chairman of the Board

With more than 20 years of experience in the health industry, Mr. Cabello is currently the Scientific Director of the venture capital company Cross Road Biotech (CRB) and head of the Molecular Genetics Laboratory of the Ramón and Cajal Hospital in Madrid. He specialized in molecular Genetics in the Center of Human Genetics of the University of Leuven and has published numerous articles in this field. Mr. Cabello holds a degree in Biological Sciences from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid where he also completed graduate courses in Human Genetics.

Mr. Angel Santos

Mr. Angel Santos

Mr. Santos has extensive experience in the international business world, acquired over more than 25 years both in Spain and internationally (UK and USA) in large corporations such as Johnson’s Wax and Lilly. In his final period at Johnson he was Vice Chair of Marketing and Operations for the professional business in North America, where he was responsible for the development of strategy and solutions for the health and food service markets. Before becoming part of Johnson, he worked for Lilly in a variety of positions and divisions of the pharmaceutical group. He has also been a Director of the Center for Hospitality Research of the Hotel Management School at Cornell University. Mr. Santos is an Agronomist (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) and has been involved in numerous specialized postgraduate courses. He is a founding partner of venture capital management firm CRB Inverbio and serves as director in several portfolio companies like TCD Pharma, OWL, Oncovision, Biocross etc

Mr. Josep Mª Echarri

Mr. Josep Mª Echarri

Mr. Echarri is the founder and Managing Partner of Inveready, a Spanish venture capital company that currently manages four venture funds with resources of €50M. Mr. Echarri also serves as a director in several portfolio companies including Oryzon Genomics, Neutorec, Althia, Palobiofarma, Grupo Natac, Veridentia y Proretina. Prior to founding Inveready, Mr. Echarri filled the position of CFO and Business Development Director at Oryzon Genomics.

Mr. Roger Piqué

Mr. Roger Piqué

Prior to joining the venture capital management firm Inveready, Mr. Piqué worked for CIDEM as Finance Programs Director. Filling the position of Investment Director in Inveready, he has been involved in more than 40 deals by different venture funds of the company. He is a founding partner of Inveready and serves as director in several portfolio companies like Password Bank, 3Scale, Adman Media, PaloBiofarma, Bionanoplus y Neurotec.

Mr. Francisco Armero

Mr. Francisco Armero

Mr. Armero joined the venture capital firm Clave Mayor in 2012, as Managing Director of the Valladolid Office, where he has served as a non-executive director in more than 5 companies related to the life science sector. Before joining Clave Mayor, Mr. Armero worked for KPMG for more than 8 years, where he held the position of manager at KPMG Valladolid office and as Chief Financial Officer of ADE Parques for more than 8 years. Mr. Armero holds a B.A. in Economics (University of Valladolid) and a Master in Tax Consulting from IE Business School (Madrid, Spain) and Master in Audit and Finance from University of Alcalá (Madrid, Spain).